RCFF Directors

Prof. Dr Akila Saleh Hamza
The founder of RCFF

Director from 1980 till 2005


Name: Akila Saleh Hamza.
Gender: Female.
Nationality: Egyptian.
Position: General Coordinator of Food Security Information Center. Coordinator of the inter-ministerial committee for setting a policy and strategies into the national nutrition, health, agriculture development and investment plans, after the Second International Conference of Nutrition (ICN2).
Founder and professor of Regional Center for Food and Feed (RCFF).
Head of food safety committee in the Ministry of agriculture.


Prof. Dr.
Ahmed El-Okazy
The Present Director



Prof. Dr. Mohamed Emraa
From 2005 till 2011

Prof.Dr. Mahmoud EL-Tahan
From 2012 till 2013

Prof. Dr. Gihan EL-Moghazi
From 2013 till 2016

Prof. Dr. Mervat Hassan
From 2016 till 2017

Prof. Dr. Ashraf Hashim
From 2017 till 2021